Screenwriter in Los Angeles

S5 E151/23/2022

Canadian molecular epidemiologist and misanthrope - we talk about dialectical behavior therapy, post-partum, and dealing with misophonia in a pandemic with an active child.

S5 E141/15/2022

Apparel designer and new mom based in LA - started Unknown Apparel.

S5 E131/7/2022

Family Edition! Alexandra is an interior designer in NJ and we also hear from her parents in the second half!

S5 E1212/29/2021

Nick has a family and is a software developer, but is plagued by intense reactions to sensory sensitivities that cause meltdowns.

S5 E1112/15/2021

Model, actress and student based in NYC.

S5 E1012/2/2021

Colorado dad and software consultant who talks about distance between family members when he was growing up, among other things.

S5 E911/25/2021

High school senior looking to pursue an education and career in neuroscience to study misophonia.

S5 E811/18/2021

A true pioneer in misophonia awareness since the 90s, Dr. Brout specializes in children and families.

S5 E711/11/2021

Family, COVID, relationships, friends and traumatic experiences growing up.

S5 E611/4/2021

New Zealander talks about trying to sit with the trigger to try and overcome it.

S5 E510/27/2021

Single mother with miso, with two boys one of which has miso.

S5 E410/20/2021

Interior designer in Canada talks about relationships, work, and sharing miso stories.

S5 E310/13/2021

Self-published author in California.

S5 E210/6/2021

Hilarious wide-ranging chat with a casting director and producer in LA who recently suffered a breakdown following an MRI.

S5 E19/29/2021