Rare interview with well-known misophonia behavior scientist Tom Dozier.

S3 E223/3/2021

Miss America finalist and Real Estate Radio host talks about miso in the 60s and 70s and her message today.

S3 E212/24/2021

Sophie is a Bostonian now studying in Scotland who is working on communicating her miso with others to help cope.

S3 E202/17/2021

Artist in Santa Cruz, now in her 70s, with a life's worth of self-care tips.

S3 E192/10/2021

Vivien created the misophonia documentary Breaking the Sound Barrier while still in high school.

S3 E182/3/2021

Michael recently completed a master's degree with new research on misophonia, inspired by his own miso.

S3 E171/27/2021

Tim is back with updates on his project and some tips that have really helped his miso.

S3 E161/20/2021

Olivia's master thesis is on navigating misophonia in white-collar workplaces.

S3 E151/13/2021

Ayla is a high school sophomore in Montana and talks about helpful pets and being triggered by smells and words.

S3 E141/6/2021

Daughter of last week's guest, now we hear about life from Cleo's perspective.

S3 E1312/30/2020

Part 1 of a mother-daughter series, Jane shares tons of great insights from decades of having misophonia

S3 E1212/23/2020

Powerful conversation with a young man near Chicago about serious mental health issues and wanting to help others.

S3 E1112/16/2020

Jess talks about resistance from family about her miso and interesting ways she copes at work.

S3 E1012/9/2020

Author of 'Golden', a misophonia-based crime short story

S3 E912/2/2020

On a mission to find more misophones in London and beyond.

S3 E811/25/2020

A podcast producer and Highly Sensitive Person based in Brazil

S3 E711/18/2020

Ashton is a television journalist based in Kentucky.

S3 E611/11/2020

Prolific and informative miso advocate on social media and beyond.

S3 E511/4/2020

Long, fun chat with an Irish miso sufferer

S3 E410/28/2020

Award-winning standup comedian based in Australia who often brings misophonia advocacy into his work.

S3 E310/21/2020

A Chicago-based teacher and gymnastics instructor

S3 E210/14/2020

LA-based misophonia advocate who runs some of the Facebook Groups devoted to Misophonia support.

S3 E110/7/2020