Licensed therapist with misophonia, providing traditional and Christian faith-based counseling

S6 E79/21/2022

Practically ostracized from his family at a very young age decades ago, and being triggered on purpose by his parents.

S6 E69/10/2022

The damage misophonia can have o family relationships and reflecting on it after decades.

S6 E58/8/2022

Neuroscience grad has been resilient in the face of life-long challenges and push back to her misophonia.

S6 E47/31/2022

College student studying neuroscience to try to make on impact on misophonia.

S6 E37/22/2022

New mom in Baltimore, Catholic guilt, shame, and needing to be orderly.

S6 E27/18/2022

LA-based misophonia therapist who doesn't have it, but entire family does.

S6 E17/6/2022