S4 E9 - 4/30/2021

Bonus Episode: Joyce Cohen (NY Times)

In 2011, the New York Times published an article that would change the course of misophonia&aposs history and catapult it into wider awareness. It's an article that comes up a lot in my conversations because it's often the first article that made people feel really validated. And they felt that they could share it with others and point to it as something that is being taken seriously by a place like the New York Times. I was able to catch up with the author, Joyce Cohen, 10 years later and reflect on that time, going on the Today show, how she ended up using the term misophonia, and more... 
Couple of notes: the sound quality is not the best because I was recording a live phone call from a regular microphone.
Also, a warning that the topic of suicide comes up because one of her other articles does deal with a tragedy involving someone taking their own life. 
Original 2011 NYT article 
Stat News article 2016 
NY Post article 2016 

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