S5 E12 - 12/29/2021

S5E12 - Denburg family

It’s the annual family episode! Last year around this time I had two episodes back to back of a mother and a daughter who both have misophonia. I decided to continue the family theme every year around the holidays and I am happy to bring this incredible episode featuring the Denburg family. It started as an interview with Alexandra, but then her parents were interested in talking about their experience with having a child with misophonia. 

Alexandra grew up in North Jersey, had a pretty typical misophonia onset story, was actually bullied from an early age up even through college, and now has a successful, award-winning interior design firm. When she found out the misophonia had a name it was a revelation, as it was to her parents who just became even more supportive to the point of wanting to help others who are dealing with miso. 

Alexandra's interior design firm M&P Design Group

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