S4 E22 - 7/28/2021


Jono is a musician, coffee entrepreneur, comic writer, and serial room-leaver. In 2019, he released the album Life in Misophonia with his band Baggage. If you like indie rock, with some punk and shoe-gazer mixed in and great melodies you'll love this. Jono also has a small-batch coffee roaster company called Rootless Coffee.  As you know I am a huge advocate for supporting businesses owned by or affiliated with my misophonia brothers and sisters so please take a look, have a listen, and all the links are below.

Jono on Instagram, Twitter 
Baggage on Bandcamp 
Rootless Coffee 
Jono's comic The Inevitables 
KARMAjack digital marketing 

Sponsor: My daughter launched a new podcast, The Animal Q&A Podcast. Perfect for kids of all ages! 


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