S5 E7 - 11/11/2021

S5E7 - Dr. Jennifer Brout

It's the second anniversary of this podcast! Few people have had as big of an impact on Misophonia awareness as Dr. Jennifer Brout. She is a psychologist and misophonia sufferer, and parent of a misophonia sufferer, who has been pushing very hard for misophonia awareness and research since the 90s. She co-founded the Duke Misophonia Research center, and is co-director of Misophonia Education and the International Misophonia Research Network. She has written a number articles about misophonia over the years and books, including her latest: Regulate, Reason, Reassure: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Managing Misophonia. Jennifer is especially interested in understanding and helping children and families with misophonia.

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Misophonia Education


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