S5 E30 - 6/30/2022

S5E30 - Colin

Season 5 Finale! Starting next week I’ll the kicking off season 6 with fresh new conversations. This was a special interview though that I’m specifically releasing for the finale because I got to catch up with an old friend and co-worker. Colin was actually a mentor of mine almost exactly 13 years ago when I started a new job in a new career. I was actually also new to learning about misophonia. Little did I know we’d be talking on a podcast 13 years later sharing our misophonia stories with what we now know is a large community around the world. We talk about being a father and husband with misophonia, how he found this podcast and reconnected with me, being an only child with miso, and a lot about navigating through work life. We also go on some slight tangents which just makes for a perfect season finale pod.


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