S4 E20 - 7/15/2021


This week I’m talking to David in New Jersey. David reached out to me last year with a paper he wrote for a university course called Early Recognition of Misophonia: A Case for Preemptive Approach. In it, he surveys recent literature and therapies and argues for trying to identify misophonia and provide therapy before it has impacts on a child’s social and educational development. You’ll hear how this is very personal to David, because he himself was impacted by the way he was treated growing up trying to deal with his misophonia. We talk about cultural components, something called dialectical behavior therapy, breathing techniques, a number of things. We’ll talk about how all David’s thinking about misophonia has evolved over time after counseling and therapy and what it has meant for his family.

David's paper - Early Recognition of Misophonia: A Case for Preemptive Approach 
Andrew Huberman on breathing 
Dialectical Behavior Therapy 
Contact misophonia@bcm.edu about the Baylor misophonia study mentioned in the intro. 

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