S4 E13 - 5/26/2021

Dr. Jane Gregory

Dr. Jane Gregory is a clinical psychologist and misophonia researcher at Oxford University... she also has misophonia herself! Find her on the web and social media at the links below. We go over too many things to list in this almost 90 minute episode, including therapies she uses in her practice, the misophonia research she is conducting at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford, and of course her misophonia life story. Part of her work centers around the S-5 questionnaire to measure misophonia. We actually go over my results from the questionnaire and you can follow along with the chart posted here and in the show notes! 
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Adeel's S-5 Questionnaire Results 

Note: This was recorded before the latest paper by Dr. Kumar regarding the motor cortex but feel free to ask about that on social media if you like .
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