S4 E5 - 4/7/2021


Today I had the great privilege to talk to Mara, a rock artist in North Carolina. We talk about trans issues, dissociation and reassociation, complex trauma, PTSD, her very complex relationship with her family, and lots of insight Mara has learned from her experiences. We also talk about her art, which you must see on her instagram, link below. Also below you’ll find the books we discuss on the show, plus Mara’s Spotify playlist of a very curated batch of songs she finds considers “safe” for her miso. 

This episode deals with some pretty intense things so I just wanna warn up front there is some talk of complex trauma, ptsd, and a few bad words thrown in. 
Instagram @the.rocksm1th 
Spotify playlist

Thich Nhat Hanh 
The Body Keeps the Score 
The Complex PTSD Workbook 


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